Saturday, April 11, 2009


We've been unbelievably busy here at Tiki Tattoos. Like I said, I'm pretty sure it's because we're rockstars. Or ninjas. Rockstar ninjas.

I've been piercing a lot myself lately. Eyebrows, conches, lobes, septums, oh my! As always, the deal stands: If you let me pierce you, I'll do it just for tips! That means I save you tons of money, and to provide extra incentive I've compiled a list of ways you can spend your extra cash after you leave here with a brand spankin' new piercing by yours truly. The list is as follows.

How You Can Drop Cash
1. Buy a narwhal
2. Fake mustache!
4. Pick up a game like Dungeons and Dragons or Magic. Cast Magic Missile on the darkness.
5. Disco CD!
7. Food to feed the goats at the petting zoo.
8. Rhino costume!
9. Rhinoplasty?
10. You can always leave the piercing room at Tiki, walk over to the tattoo room, and get yourself some new ink.

That's that. If you do happen to spend your cash on a narwhal, bring that thing by so I can check it out. Those guys are sweet.

Make it do,

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Riordan said...

As you know, I'm rolling in so much cash.
1. Have a couple of these. Or had, really. I think White Fang took them. Ask him about it.
3. Little Tokyo soon?
4. Those don't cost money, just social skills.
8. I own a live Rhino. I keep it in my jungle paradise, it's in New Lo. See if you can find it by the screams of the children I feed it. Oh yes, it's carnivorous.
That is all.